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Generate more sales through taxi passenger leads

RydeWyse Ads is the perfect lead generating machine. Risk-free!

RydeWyse can show your offer to thousands of taxi customers every day en generate orders and business leads, risk-free. As an advertiser you only pay for redeemed vouchers or completed orders. With our taxi partner network you can choose to advertise locally or nationally.

Prepaid referrals

Prepay for referrals for a fixed price and save up to 40% on referral costs.
Also for high priority ads.

Postpaid referrals

Pay for your referrals after a customer redeems a discount voucher or places an order for your product or service.

Full campaign

Mass exposure and branding via an exclusive ad campaign reaching thousands of taxi customers.

Top reasons to advertise on RydeWyse

Campaign management

Setup & manage your ad campaign from your own RydeWyse Advertiser account.

Ad targeting

Targeting offers advertisers access to the right crowd/segment they aim to reach.

Fast campaign roll out

Campaigns can be rolled out in as little as 24 hours.


Risk-free advertising where advertisers only pay for results.

Leads now, pay later

We offer flexible payment terms, with payment periods up to 90 days.

24/7 advertiser support

Dedicated account manager and advisor for your marketing campaign. 24/7.

Custom landing page

Custom promotional landing page to entice potential customers.

Stats & analytics

Stats & analytics of user engagement on your landing page or website.

Free Coupon or Voucher design

Our designers can create a great looking Coupon/Voucher for your campaign.

Connect with us

If you are interested in working with us to generate successful and risk-free leads for your business, send us a WhatsApp message.

RydeWyse Support

Typically replies within an hour